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GOBELINS MANUFACTURE (said Goblins) Rue Berbier du Mets is a famous establishment of weaved tapestries and dyeing located in Paris, between the Gobelins avenue, the Croulebarbe street and the Bièvre brook.

The "Gobelins" were a Champagne's area family originating from Reims, its capital city. In the XVth century, they was establishing a Les Gobelins près de la Bièvre company of dye in the Saint Marceau quater in Paris; Gilles Gobelin grows rich in this industry and acquired great properties on the edges of the Bièvre, that one called of his name "Gobelins's river" JEAN GOBLIN dyer, settled about 1440 in this green small valley where flow the Bièvre between Butte-aux-Cailles and the Sainte-Geneviève mountain. In 1601 Henri IV installed there two Flemish tapestries makers. But it is especially Louis XIV who gave a considerable impulse while creating in 1667 the royal manufacture of furniture of the Crown. Colbert centralized various workshops of tapestry dispersed in Paris, added workshops of cabinet maker, of goldsmithery et cætera.
To the 18th century, the name of the Gobelins was known in the Royal court of whole Europe. The 19th century saw a part of the buildings set fire to by the Commune revolution in 1871. It is necessary to walk round the manufacture by the street Croulebarbe and to reach the street "Berbier du Mets", to see there building supposedly the former in the 17th century. Manufacture continues today to produce tapestries for the "State-owned-furniture", making work of contemporary artists. But like to the origin, a workman weaving on a trade of high wrap (the loom is vertical) make one square metre of tapestry in one year.

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blason Page gracefully offered by Tapisserie de France ® Needlepoint on hand painted canvas. blason

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